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Armor Coat is proudly serving businesses in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as well as all surrounding areas in Northeast Indiana. We offer sustainable solutions for asphalt sealcoating, parking line striping and hot rubber crack fill of commercial parking lots and affordable options for small businesses' asphalt maintenance needs.

Commercial asphalt contractor doing pothole patching in Huntington, Indiana


Asphalt sealcoating of residential driveway in Fort Wayne Indiana

Armor Coat delivers nothing short of excellence on every single residential driveway. We help homeowners in the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana not only by providing a top-quality service but by educating our customers on what sealcoating is, why sealcoating is necessary and by going over a personalized plan and assessment of their project. Avoid costly repairs and restore your asphalt driveway to a deep, rich black surface. 


 Our asphalt maintenance services can drastically improve the lifespan of pavement surfaces. Proper application of materials will not just cover up but also prevent further damage. Our primary goal is not a nice-looking job. It is to repair and preserve. It just so happens, making these factors the primary goal is what sets our work apart both visually and in durability.  Experience the difference when you trust in Armor Coat, 'Your Asphalt's Best Defense.'

Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealer is a protective coating that is applied to asphalt-based surfaces to protect them from the elements. It helps to keep asphalt surfaces looking new and prevent them from cracking, fading, and deteriorating due to exposure to UV rays, rain, and other environmental factors. Sealcoating is an important part of asphalt maintenance that can greatly extend the lifespan of your asphalt surfaces, saving you from costly repairs.

Asphalt sealer being applied.

We use Neyra's Tarconite. A commercial grade coal tar asphalt sealer, always mixed to recommended specifications with added silica sand for traction and hardening additives for enhanced durability. This is not the only factor that sets our work apart. We apply two coats of asphalt sealer on every project, for a comparable or better price than other contractors' single coat. This drastically enhances the life expectancy of the seal coat as well as adding an even deeper, richer look to the asphalt. 

After picture of residential asphalt driveway
Before picture of residential asphalt driveway.

 Asphalt Sealcoat is meant to be applied in multiple layers.

  • Enhanced Durability

  • Deep, Rich Finish

  • Increased Service Intervals

  • Lower Cost Of Ownership

Crack Filling

Crack Sealing

Asphalt crack filling, or sealing, is a crucial part of the maintenance process. Over time the asphalt becomes brittle and less flexible from age and oxidation. As cracks start to form water begins to work it's way down through the layers of pavement. If left unchecked water can reach the gravel base and begin to slowly erode the weight supporting base underneath of the asphalt. With less support underneath the asphalt will begin to repidlt deteriorate as new cracks and potholes eventually form.

Asphalt crack filling.

We use Crafco Flex-A-Fill. A commercial grade, rubber crack sealant for large commercial parking lots, down to the smallest residential driveway. The Crafco brand has been a trusted name in asphalt equipment and supplies for decades. Thier premium asphalt crack sealing products flex along with the pavement under traffic and temperature changes which reduces cracking and prolongs the materials lifespan.

Asphalt crack filling in Huntington Indiana
Asphalt crack sealing in Huntington Indiana
  • A thorough crack filling during the routine maintenance schedule can prevent serious damage to the asphalt pavement structure. 

  • If you were going to try to repair a sinking ship would you want to hire the guy that's only going to plug half the holes?

More information coming soon!

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